Friday, December 02, 2005

use gdb, makefiles, g++

use gdb for debugging applications:

1. #first put debug info in Makefile files:
LDFLAGS = -g -W1

2. #run make

gdb appname
#put breakpoints with:
break [FUNC_NAME]
# [FUNC_NAME] is the function name

4. r [ARGS]
#where ARGS are the args needed for the app

#s for steps
#n for next line of code
#c for run to next breakpoint
#detach to leave program running
#kill to stop app

6. to kill an app being debugged:
ps -C appname
kill -9 apppid
#after that close parent app - or type 'exit' in the parent terminal window.


Here is the KDbg home page.
KDbg = debugger for KDE, based on gdb.


gdb tutorials:
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gnu make tutorial:
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g++ tutorial

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