Saturday, December 03, 2005

how to write a popular blog ? :)

I have created this blog to keep the track of some of the problems I had to solve and the solutions I found. So you don't have to learn the same things over and over, just look back in your notes.

Unfortunately google's blogger does not have categories for entries (yet) like other bloggers. It would make my task a lot easier.

I just wondered how other software developers do write their blogs. What makes a blog popular or accessible, readable.
For what reason?:) Because as I finally decided yesterday to publish the blog, in a few hours lots of people were interested in the blog, but.. they just checked the first page and got bored of the content. :) Maybe the name of the blog was interesting, but the content very boring. :)

So I will try to create a good combination of issues of possibble public interest and technical details.

A similarly challenging issue would be how the content will get to the potencial readers? Well.. time will tell.

The most popular blogs worldwide:

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