Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wordpress Plugin: Simple Sticky Posts

Plugin features:
Adds simple sticky posts feature to WordPress blogs.

Simple Sticky Posts 0.1 For WordPress 2.x.x

1. Go to 'wp-content/plugins' folder
2. Copy 'simple-sticky-posts.php' to 'wp-content/plugins' folder
3. Activate the 'Simple Sticky Posts' plugin
4. You are ready.

1. Open the post to be marked sticky in wordpress editor.
2. Add a Custom Field named 'sticky' and set its value to '1'
3. You are ready.

available soon.

available soon.

Version history:
4/3/2008 - version 0.1 - created

Any bug reports, feature requests are welcome.


Anonymous said...

I got unexpected results using this plugin. The post I marked as sticky did not move to the top of the page. However, the existing top post became duplicated further down the page. Deleting the custom field from the intended stick post did not delete the duplicate. I had to deactivate the plugin to remove the duplicate.

I am using WP version 2.0.11

Cynthia Blue said...

Interesting... when I put in the custom field 'sticky' and value '1', I get two posts showing on the front page.

ioannis said...

a sticky post will appear twice on the homepage, once at the top and again on the post order

Anonymous said...


Tetszik az egyszerű plugined, és használom is a honlapomon. Az lenne a kérdésem, hogy megoldható-e valahogy, hogy ha egy post sticky, akkor azt csak egyszer mutassa az oldal, tehát

$sticky_posts = get_posts('meta_key=sticky&meta_value=1&numberposts=3&offset=0');

$the_posts = array_merge($sticky_posts, $the_posts);

esetén a $the_posts-okból vegye ki a sticky postokat

Anonymous said...

I love your plugin; really i do, but it would be enough if it would work only once. My sticky post sticks at the top and at the bottom.
Could we reduce this by about 50% than i would say it is a truly great plugin.
The site in question is i had to turn of the plugin for not to get thrown off the turf for double content. I would be more than glad if you could take a minute to look into this problem.
Thaks a lot

Anonymous said...

the stickies posts are duplicated...see here first 2

Anonymous said...

Why does it produce a duplicate of the original entry?

Paracetamol said...

A nice and clean plugin, very efficient! It disturbs me though, that the meta_value has to be a number and no boolean true/false; I'm using the rc_custom_field_gui for easily choosing meta keys and it would be better, if the "sticky" choice could be a simple checkbox.

I tried to change the concerning position in the plugin code to &meta_value=true&, but it didn't work out for me.

David said...

ehm.. i dont get it.. what do you mean with "Add a Custom Field named 'sticky' and set its value to '1'"
How?? im using WP 2.5.1 maybe something changed?
please clarify.. :)

Ashley Austin said...


The plugin works great, but a version of the "stuck" post continues to display in its original spot. At times this can create a duplicate post displayed on the home page.

Any suggestions to prevent this from happening?


jade said...

I like your plugin, but am wondering if instead of having the post appear on the home page, could you instead assign it to a specific category as a sticky post? That way, each category could have a sticky post related to that topic. Possible? Thanks for your contribution to WP.

Anonymous said...

Is this plugin still being worked on? We haven't seen an update for a while and "bitworker" hasn't answered the only question posted on WP's support topics.

Scott Morgan said...

Just thought I would report a bug.

When I upgraded to wp 2.6 my homepage would not open and showed a "500 internal server error." This was corrected when I deactivated this plugin, so I guess it is not compatible currently w/ wp 2.6.

Lee said...


There appears to be a bug from WP 2.6.1.

When the plugin is activated I continually receive an Internal Server Error which disappears if the plugin is deactivated.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to hide the second occurrence of the post? That is, not the top sticky but the one down in the lower posts? I realize that it's the same post showing twice. I just need for it to be there the top.

Tony said...

Would be perfect, but it creates 2 posts for me when I use it. However, I'm using 2.62

Any plans on updating plugin?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to make posts "sticky" in their category pages?


linux said...

Sticky posts feature is included in wordpress 2.7 and above.

Susan said...

So is the sticky post on BOTH the front page AND other pages? Cause right now I just have one post and I stickied it and it's double-posted. How exactly can I correct this? I think this will do what I need, just need to figure that part out. Using WP 2.6.2.

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Well, that was one of the easiest plugin I've ever installed!

I made my post sticky, but now I need to know how to make it unstick since I don't need it on top any longer...

Please let me know.

bitworker said...

I will update the plugin soon. Thanks for the bug reports.

Guy Porter said...

I know that you work for free on this and I appreciate your efforts. However, this issue of a duplicate post (sticky plus next) is like 16 months old! Hopefully you'll get this worked out sooner than soon? Again, thanks for a mostly great plugin.